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Think Costco First

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Think Costco First

Your business is your passion. Supporting Costco members’ passions is ours. For 20 years, Costco has called on Elavon — a top globally-ranked provider — to offer tailored payment processing solutions at a member-only price.

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Merchant Services - Credit Card Processors

Costco Executive members could SAVE AN AVERAGE OF $736 per YEAR.1
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Plus 12¢ per transaction
Plus 25¢ per transaction
Plus 12¢ per transaction
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Elavon: Innovative Payment Processing at a Costco Value

Elavon is proud to serve your business and to offer special benefits and low rates for Costco members. Here are just some of the benefits:

No fees

No annual fees
No reporting fees
No batch fees
No statement fees3

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Cost-Saving Analysis

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Costco Executive Members could save an average of $736 per year1

Calculate Your Effective Rate

Many payment processors will offer attractive base rates, then hit you with unexpected add-on costs. What does that mean for you? That your current processor may be giving you much less than you think.

To help you understand what you are paying today to compare, you will need to understand your "effective rate." Using your current processing statement, if you have one, take the amount you’re currently paying, fees included, and divide by the total dollar volume of the transactions you've processed. That’s the amount you’re actually paying per transaction.

Elavon can quickly do the comparison for you. Have your most recent statement on hand and give us a call. Costco knows you deserve better — and at Elavon, we agree.

What is your typical monthly card volume?
Average Monthly Fees
Overall Effective Rate:
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credit card terminal from Costco Elavon
Costco Elavon credit card terminal

Smart Terminals & Innovative Solutions for Every Industry

Elavon has developed a range of traditional, mobile and smart terminals to meet the needs of Costco members in different industries — from healthcare to retail, restaurants to service-focused businesses and beyond.

First, meet Poynt. It's an all-in-one smart terminal that allows you to take the checkout experience to the customer. It's ideal for small retail and boutique stores, restaurants for a pay-at-the-table solution and offices that need to accept payments.

versatile function credit card terminal

Versatile function: It features a mobile and countertop credit card terminal, printer, signature pad, PIN pad, and docking station

accepts all payments payment processor

Accepts all payments: Processes all payment types — magstripe, chip (EMV) cards, and mobile payments such as Apple Pay (NFC)

wireless credit card processing

Wireless freedom: WiFi capabilities enable you to take the checkout (and tipping) to your customer

streamlined reporting for merchant account on tablet

Robust, streamlined reporting: A simple, powerful dashboard makes it easy to monitor sales, refund transactions, and settle with one click

powerful security for merchant account on tablet

Powerful security: With encryption and Safe-T, customer data is protected by the latest technology

Costco Elavon payment processing terminals

Elavon Offers an Entire Line of Quality Terminals to Meet your Needs

Poynt is just one terminal offered. Explore payment solutions here. Larger restaurants, for example, may desire a wider range of options. The talech with Elo solution displays floor plans, open and seated tables, customized menus, and lets servers seamlessly split a check several ways if needed.

Elavon is always adapting and embracing the latest payment and security technologies, integrating them into the payment terminals.

Flexible Hardware Payment Plans Available

Elavon's Hardware Installment Plan gives you the flexibility to pay for your qualifying hardware purchases over the course of three consecutive, interest-free monthly payments, purchase your terminal outright or enter into a lease.

Call to discuss your needs:

flexible hardware payment plans on phone and credit card terminal

Elavon Offers Industry Specific Solutions

retail store credit card processing

Your customers' experiences start the moment they walk through your door. While you want them to spend time browsing, you don’t want to hold them up when it's time to complete their purchase.

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services on credit card terminals

Trust the experts when it comes to helping businesses with reliable, accurate and secure payment processing. Let Elavon handle your debit card processing for you so you can focus on what you do best.

Learn More
restaurant credit card processing

Through your menu, décor and friendly wait staff, you create the preferred dining experience, but your patrons don’t want to wait for their check to be processed after their meal.

Learn More
healthcare credit card processing

Your patients are your top priority, and providing user-friendly, secure payment processing solutions is ours. Our credit, debit and mobile solutions can simplify your point-of-sale payments and billing services.

Learn More

Straightforward Statements:
The Value of Time Saved

Monthly billing statements should not be confusing or stressful.

Paper and online statements are simplified so you know exactly what you’re paying for and can clearly see your transactions and account costs. Statements will display everything that you need to know to manage your business — only simplified.

online Costco payment system

Online Payments Insider Portal

  • Review all statements in an interactive format and manage your account information
  • View user guides and training videos to simplify payment acceptance
  • Stay up to date on important announcements and industry news
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Unbeatable Customer Service

Elavon delivers the same high level of service you’ve come to expect from Costco, including webinars and educational materials to help you better understand different payment methods and any associated costs.

Learn more about "interchange rates" — rates that appear with rewards cards or an e-commerce transaction processed when the credit card is not present. Check out this video for more information:

Costco Elavon customer care center

Call to Speak with a Trusted Professional

Elavon customer care centers are open 24/7 and staffed with skilled professionals who can solve your problems quickly. Serving your clients is your business — and Elavon helps make that easier.

Elavon understands that running a business is hard work, and for business owners, there’s rarely (if ever) a day off. With that in mind, Costco hand-picked and trusts Elavon to make payment processing one thing you don’t have to worry about. Your to-do list is long enough. Think Costco First.

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